Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Summer Overview

Once again I've been neglecting my little blog...so I'm going to do a long post over-viewing my summer. 
The first thing to start off the summer was my graduation! It was very very very exciting, and such a memorable night!!!!!
These two lovely ladies came and surprised me for my graduation!
Hung out with friends a lot...Frisbee, ice cream and all that good stuff!
(This is is Christi....you'll be seeing more of her)

I went to the beach with some friends which was fantastic, we splashed, and swam, and shivered.
My Uncle sent me an unexpected gift. He handmade this mountain dulcimer.
Christi, Shayna, and I went to see a Mary Poppins play. It was fabulous and we got to meet Mary Poppins!
Free Starbucks on my birthday with our neighbors!
I embarked on a big sewing project which you'll see more of later.
My lovely friends Emilie and Hannah came for a visit. We had lots of fun together as always, starting the weekend off with a midnight snack!
We had a thrilling adventure hiking to the Hollywood sign, taking the long ridge line route without realizing it and ending with ride down in a ranger vehicle. 
We made it...
hot, sweaty, and happy!
 There is a fence around the sign, so you can't get very close. The sign is huge, you can only see the top of the H in the pictures. 
My dad talked to a park ranger and he gave us a ride down the mountain, behind bars.
more sewing
hanging out...
eating apples and caramel
my veiw
I got business cards! 
God's miraculous glory was on display through the rainbow, and it was a double rainbow! 
I made a new friend.
We had a nice chat.
my view again..new color:)

An that my friends was my summer! Hope you got a little enjoyment out of this post!

What was a highlight this summer?
Any crazy fun adventures or just a lot of hang out time?
Or maybe a project in the making?

Saturday, July 11, 2015

WARNING: Long post with lots of usies.

Life keeps moving along at a rapid pace and I haven't made the time to blog, it's not that I've forgotten about my little blog journal, I just always push the thought of blogging aside and then it never happens. But now, finally, I find myself sitting here writing with lot's to share...but before I share my recent life's happenings I must rewind and write about one magical day in May. 
On Thursday May 24 seven seniors went to Disneyland for our Senior Trip!!! Weeks before we had a huge yard sale at my house to raise enough money for our trip and I am happy to say we earned enough money for all of us with some spending cash left over. So, on that long anticipated day we set of with much excitement for the Magic Kingdom! We all had a fabulous day, we faced very few crowds, and got to do everything we wanted to do.

The car ride
The tram ride
I saw Minnie right when we got into the park and it made me very happy!!
First ride of the day
It's a small world
 Us girls all got Minnie Mouse ears
We got to meet Princess Tiana 
...and we met our night in shinning amour!
We saw Rapunzel but unfortunately we didn't get a picture with her.  
We all crowded onto some steps to watch the parade which was amazing!!!!!
Presenting you the class of 2015!
And that's all for now folks, hope you enjoyed the show!

What's your favorite ride at Disneyland?
Do you have a favorite Disney character?